Sunday, January 30, 2011

g o d part 2

good ol' days

evie dahlin~
fierce andy , my dear! XD
udin aa~
sunsun ;*
dede <3

traffic oh traffic.

otw to malang
buuut, the traffic was soooo ugly!
hey daddy!
alay oi XD
we went back home, bleh~
nitey nite <3

dayum yu self timer

Friday, January 28, 2011

this is how

we spent the night.

lalala lala

i miss you damn much

damaged people damage others. or themselves. people are selfish. their love for others is so god damn selfish. people want to destroy what is nice, what is good, what they want and make it theirs.
does analysis make one feel secure? less lonely?
is complexity beautiful?
is ignorance beautiful?
is isolation beautiful?
maybe not.
reject it or reject it not.
i don't want to go anywhere, i just want to be happy.
i wore high high heels and short short skirts to hide my depression and weakness.
tried to hide my loneliness by horniness, tried to deny how predictable my patterns are.
good looking things are not lasting but elegance and politeness can be used.

bad bad habit

it's a bit entertaining to deal with psycho people, it kills time. So she said.