Friday, April 13, 2012

sky oh sky

what a brilliant blue sky! don't you think? i am so in love with the sky that day. this pictures was taken when i was in my in
-law's place, Semarang. that violet skirt was actually a scarf. i don't have that many purple color in my closet. and the mustard wrapped top was an outerwear. have a nice day everyone <3

a happy elf

these aren't new photos, i've been busy, accompanied, hand-fulled by my son. he's having his uncomfortable phase caused by six still-on-progress brand new teeth. this jumpsuit probably my last work, haven't done anything since then. sigh. planning on back to sew. finishing the unfinished. paired the jumpsuit with my mom's vintage wool jacket that i found recently in Jakarta. and, yes, that pink suede heels again. haha. maybe til few months later that i'll be able to purchase some new footwears, the baby is entering the school this June :) what an excitement. til my next post, see ya :DDD

Thursday, April 5, 2012

flood part II

Some photos when i was in Semarang and Bali. i've been out of town quite often last month.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Since i've been absent from this blog for quite long. In this post i decided to flood it with my past pictures that i've shared in my chictopia accounts religiously. :) 
Have a nice day~ ;)