Sunday, February 3, 2013

The latest

These were taken on november last year. Means my pregnancy was 5months old. Finally i have time to write a new post. Doing this while accompanying my superboy playing football. Was about to cut pattern blocks this evening, but the boy came to 'help'. Spending my sunday at home since my tummy is huge that i can't really walk a lot. It's exhausting. And i might deliver the baby by the end of this month. He's big enough to see the world now :)

I'm so excited to see my new baby. And i'm pretty sure he is as gorgeous as my superboy!

From now on i'll update my blog with my babies update :) for i am unable to take new outfit pictures til i get my shape back. Since honestly i didn't shop much during my pregnancy, i'll get myself new stuff once i pass this month. thanks for reading :)


Seeking Style said...

so chic!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

Seriously great blog, keep it up!
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