Wednesday, June 26, 2013


For once, just for once i want to try this neon head to toe look. One morning i had this urge to polish my used-to-be-greyish-white sandals with my cant-be-used-for-i-have-children nail polish. There it was, i got my self an orange footwear. Yeah! Call me crazy, or anything. But when you want something so bad, you create it. Yay for DIY!

Til my next post *kisskiss*


mymyitsmegan said...

Your outfit is amazing! I love how you matched the neon pink and yellow together, it looks really amazing. Haha it reminds me of pink lemonade :) Anyways, lovely look!

(I'm a fairly new blogger so if you have any tips for blogging I'd love to hear it :) Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

stunning x
the colours are so happy